Rockin' D Ranch ROCKIN' D BEEF, from family-owned and operated ROCKIN' D RANCH, is the
delicious, healthy, ALL-NATURAL choice for Oklahoma families!

Corriente cattle are a breed of cattle descended from Spanish animals brought to the Americas in the late 15th century. The meat from Corriente is significantly leaner than the meat from most modern beef cattle.

All our Corriente cattle have been raised here on our property, fed grass, and been kept in a “stress free” environment. Corrienties are naturally leaner than English bred cows, such as Angus or Herefords, and are a healthy alternative for those looking to cut down on their fat intake.

While most beef cattle are injected with steroids, hormones, antibiotics or at least a "solution" of water before you buy it at the store, our stock are subjected to none of this unnatural enhancement. We are "green" conscious as well. When many ranchers get ready to sell their cattle to the big producers, they send them to feed lots where the cows just stand around in pens and get filled up with grain, mostly corn. Corn requires much energy consumption to produce, including the diesel expended to transport to the stock. Raising our cattle on grass greatly reduces this "carbon footprint."

We’re more than just ranchers raising cattle. We will do all we can to make your beef purchase simple and streamlined from start to finish. We take your purchase to the processor for you, help you with filling out the cutting instructions, and if you're unable to pick up your beef we'll even deliver (small charge applies) it to you!

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