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delicious, healthy, ALL-NATURAL choice for Oklahoma families!

Entering the following information helps us establish a profile so we can help customize your beef purchase and schedule delivery according to your needs. We will pass along appropriate information to the processor on delivery. This does not represent a commitment to purchase our stock.

No-Obligation Reservation System
Let's start by choosing how much beef fits your needs! Note that the fastest delivery and best ultimate cost per pound occurs by ordering full beef.
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Note that each customer who purchases a quarter will get half of a front quarter and half of a hind quarter, ensuring that each customer receives an equal share of premium cuts.
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Ground Beef
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Typical processing of beef side delivers about:
  • 12 Rib Eye steaks*
  • 12 T-bone steaks*
  • 9 Sirloin steaks*
  • 8 Round or cubed steaks
  • 2 Rump roasts
  • 2 Pikes Peak roasts
  • 6 Chuck roasts 3 lb.
  • 2 Arm roasts 3 lb.
  • 1 Brisket or beef jerky meat
  • 10 lbs. stew meat (or more ground beef)
  • 45-65 lbs. extra-lean ground beef
Average 130-150 lbs. of high quality, extra lean meat!
* thick
To order call (405) 324-2333
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